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Checking In, Vol. XIV, Let's Do This Blogging Thing!

Here we are on the one of the last days of Winter, and we actually had winter for this first time this weekend. Lots of rain, cold temperatures and snow on the mountains. Finally! Chicago has actually been warmer than Los Angeles for the past five days. I am however, looking forward to all of the green grass and spring flowers that should be popping up relatively soon. And, I am bound and determined to blog every day this week.  
Enjoying: Time with my hubby. He was away all week last week, hence the reason my blog was a bit silent. I think I said, "I'm so glad you are home" about 100 times.  
Watching (ed): Army Wives. Who here watches Army Wives and just loves it? This is one show that David actually watches with me. I think it is because there are some pretty realistic story lines related to the military, and they are talking about real relationships. We've been watching it from the beginning.  
Currently Reading (ed): I recently purchased a copy of the new Chic Critique Forum Magazine to see what all the hype was. Let me first preface this by saying, anyone who has enough energy and funding to actually put out a real magazine, more power to you and way to go, it is a huge accomplishment. The magazine contains a LOT of beautiful photos and some itty bitty articles. Out of 80+ pages in the magazine, there are 16 pages with text/articles. As a portrait photographer and business owner, I was hoping to be receiving a magazine filled with lots of great articles on how successful women run their studios, product reviews, and then share their pictures. Hopefully their next issue will have a little more "umph" to it, and the pages won't be cut off. Maybe I have become jaded with the Design Aglow issues, Exposed Magazine by Jasmine Star, and my monthly favorite, Professional Photographers of America Magazine. Again, congrats to the ladies at Chic, you are on the right track. I am so excited that women in our industry are doing so many exciting things!  
Looking forward to: This may sound crazy, but I am looking forward to photographing my Accounting Professor's grandson! It's amazing how life can come full circle. I think when I took accounting at APU, his daughter wasn't even in high school yet, and now she is bringing her little babe to me.  
Thankful for: Healthy kitties once again. Earlier last week, right after a newborn session, I had to take both of our kitties to the vet. Let's just say, with David gone all week, I was having so much fun! Oh, and another something I am thankful for was to be featured on Randy Alcorn's blog this morning. If you did the math and looked at this most recent Newborn post, I had the opportunity to photograph his gorgeous daughter and his handsome grandson's. Karina's husband Dan is the teaching pastor at our church, and we are having a great time getting to know the entire family. Oh, and if you didn't think the world was small enough, Jacinda's Mom Julie, she went to high school with Karina in Oregon and their Dad's are friends.  
Listening to:Chris Tomlin's Album, And If Our God Is For Us.  
Hello Spring! We are excited you are officially starting this week! 
Have a great week!  
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