Feb. 11, 2012 Children, Families

Abby + Madi

Gushing over how beautiful Lindy and Will's girls, Abby and Madi are. I just wanted to pinch their cheeks as I was editing all of these pictures.  
Abby and Madi turned 1 on December 21st, and Lindy wanted to wait until after the holidays to do these pictures. So, we did them a few weeks ago, and I know she has been refreshing my blog 5 billion times a day. Well, the wait is over! I loved so many images, hence the huge post! A huge thank you to Andrea, Liam and Luc for coming along to this session to help out.  
*Lindy and Will, you know how much we love you guys, and your girls. You two are amazing parents to Abby and Madi, and it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to document their little lives with my camera. Thank you for trusting us! Enjoy all of these images, and we can't wait for you to see the rest. Love, Tira J.
We were a barrel of laughs!
They are both so animated, just like their Daddy!
And serious!
How can you resist those eyes?
All you need to say to Abby to get her to laugh is "Peggy", who is her Grammy. It's pretty funny. She scrunches her nose and laughs.
Madi is hilarious, and is always laughing.....oh and screaming, because I am convinced, she likes to hear herself scream. She's so silly and adorable.
Are you serious?
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