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New Sample Albums from Leather Craftsmen

Thought I would switch things up a bit and actually blog about something from my big list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I'll admit, I feel a bit behind. Let's catch up together!  
This post is about #23 on the list; Order a Newborn Sample Album.  
I had actually ordered a newborn sample album months ago, and never blogged about it, because something needed to be fixed on it. Can I just say, that the entire Leather Craftsmen team is amazing, and they are here for our industry 100%. When I walk into their office in Orange County, they make you feel like family. And that is why I use them.  
Right after the holidays, I was at one of our clients homes for a little New Year's party. Half way through the evening, she brought out her gorgeous 11x14 Leather Craftsmen album from her session last summer. I've never seen so much love and pride poured over an album, not only by Amy and Hany, but by everyone who was viewing it. That evening, it was definitely confirmed that we are offering just the right products for our clients to preserve their memories. I got a little teary eyed when people asked who did that for her and when she said, Tira did, they gasped and then said WOW!
The first album in this post is a newer one to our collection. It is a 10x10 3500 series in Euro white with Miss Phoebe Rose. I accidentally asked for a raised frame cover photo with a silver lining. Even though it was an oops, I still love it, because it makes it even more unique.
How can you ever get tired of the gorgeous Phoebe Rose? And I LOVE how awesome the images look when they take up a full page! I'm telling you, if you want to have all of your favorite images from your session, this is the way to go.
All of these albums lay flat and have their gorgeous thick pages.
Above is the original newborn sample we had ordered which has a collection of some of our favorite newborn images from early last year. This album is Euro Black and a Copper Pebble cover.
Ah! Our newest album, which just arrived last week. David actually picked out this leather color from Leather Craftsmen's new Euro Leather Collection. This is the Euro Olive leather with a custom brown paper liner.  
A HUGE thank you to Carol and Wanda at Leather Craftsmen West, and David Willis for helping us finalize this album with the paper, and the imprinting on the spine. Wanda sent us a leather sample with some of the different inks to see which one we really loved. The winner was gold!
This album is an 8x10 3500 series in Euro Olive and is a collection of images I did for the A family in Colorado. It really is a gorgeous album.
The awesome thing about these albums is that not only do you get to preserve all of your memories in this heirloom keepsake, but we can make it completely custom to suite your needs.  
I am in the process of finalizing a fun album planning guide for our clients and can't wait to share it!  
Happy Wednesday!
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