Jan. 30, 2012 Children, Families, Teens

Savannah, Tristin, Cathy and Brian

Here we go with part 3 of my most favorite families! Meet Savannah, Tristin, Cathy and Brian.  
Brian is the middle brother of the three Boots guys. He and his wife and kids just relocated back to the Dallas area, which I love, because not only is Cathy back home, they are much closer to us! Georgia was just too far. They are such a fun family!  
*Cathy, Brian, Savannah and Tristin, it was so wonderful to see you guys in Arizona! We have missed you, and can't wait to come visit you in Texas. David promised! ha ha! We love you, and hope you enjoy the pictures! Love, Tira & David. 
A special request for Cathy.
Can they be any more good looking?
Love this image!
I've known Brian most of my life, and I do have pictures of him from when he was a little boy. And, you wouldn't be able to tell if it was Tristan or Brian. Both are totally handsome!
Gushing over how beautiful Miss Savannah is. She is so photogenic, and I can't wait to take more pictures of her someday.
My faves!
Swooning over how beautiful they are!
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