Jan. 26, 2012 Children, Families

Zachary, Rhonda and Jeff

And, here's part 2 of 4 from our awesome time in Arizona. If you missed the first part, you can see it here.  
Jeff is the oldest of the three Boots guys. He and his wife Rhonda have a handsome and fun little .....growing up too fast guy by the name of Zachary. He just turned 8 a few days ago, which is hard to believe, because one of the times we were at Grammy and Gramps house, Zachary was there. Guess how old he was? 6 months, and we did his pictures then. Time really does fly by too fast. Of course, we had fun photographing Jeff, Rhonda and Zachary. Jeff is like a brother to me, so as you can imagine, there were crazy jabs and comments going back and forth. All done in love of course.  
*Jeff, Rhonda and Zach, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to photograph you guys. We love you, and hope you will treasure these new memories. Hope to see you in a few weeks in Vegas! Love you, Tira & David.
Zach is so handsome!
My favorite image. Love!!!!
Okay, so this image is for my Mom. We have always joked about rolling your tongue and the fact that people from Wisconsin can't do it. He adores my Mom.
Love the image above, and the image below.
Zach and Jeff are HUGE Dallas Cowboys fans. On our way back to the house, we had a little fun in the street. Later, I almost got run over by Zach and Tristin on their scooters and then Brian in the car. Because I was doing what I love, and that is to take pictures while laying on the ground.
Last image of the day and the light was GREAT on my favorite hill.  
Stay tuned, tomorrow is part 3!
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