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The Boots Family

Ah! Where do I begin again? Oh yeah, this entire family is AMAZING and we LOVE them SO MUCH! Right after Christmas, David and I traveled to Arizona to photograph the entire Boots family. All 13 of them are all together every two years, so this was the perfect time to get some updated pictures of the family. Remember Carlin & Owen from last summer? Yep, they belong to this amazing family. You can go back to their post to get brought up to speed as to how we are practically family members of this wonderful family.  
All the grandchildren! L to R: Zachary, Tristin, Owen, Savannah and Carlin 
*Thank you Sharon, Jerry, Jeff, Rhonda, Zachary, Brian, Cathy, Savannah, Tristin, Mike, Shelley, Carlin and Owen for giving us the opportunity to document more family memories for you. We love you all and enjoyed our time together. Can't wait for you all to see the rest! Love, Tira and David.
We did all of the pictures around the country club Grammy and Gramps live at, so when I found this awesome hill, I knew it was perfect. And check out the blue sky!
Sharon and Jerry. They celebrated their wedding anniversary while we were in town, so it made it extra special. And, today (January 25th) is Jerry's birthday! Happy Birthday!
The first part of our session was in the bright early morning sun, which was tough. And add the bright Arizona sun to that mix, well, look at Owen's eyes, you get the drift.
We purchased the Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8L II a while back, and I have been having loads of fun with it. Like getting the shots on the hill and this one of all 5 kiddos.
Brian, Jeff and Mike
Cathy, Shelley and Rhonda
Grammy and Gramps having fun with the kids!
I asked Savannah to kiss Gramps on the cheek, and this silly face is what I got. Classic!
I took Zachary and Tristin out in the afternoon before another big family session and we had a blast. These two rarely get to see each other, so I know this image means a lot.
We had to pay tribute to Tim Tebow!
Cousins having fun!
And sometimes, you have crazy moments like this happen! Please don't drop her!
These guys have been like brothers to me over the years. I sure wish we all lived closer so we could spend more time together.
Thank you to my Mom for getting to know Sharon all those years ago in choir at the church so we could all remain wonderful friends.
I love this last image of everyone. I think the part I love the most is Sharon leaning over to kiss Carlin on the cheek.  
Stay tuned, there are a LOT more images from our time in Arizona. Next up, Zachary and his parents.
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