Jan. 24, 2012 Our Life

It's their tree!

I'm back! Sorry for the little silence.  
It's their tree, and nobody is allowed to play on it! Savannah, Tristin, Zachary, Carlin and Owen mean business!  
While we were visiting Arizona, I came across the grand kids tree out back at Grammy and Gramps house. I am sure you have heard the old phrase, "what happens at Grammy and Gramps house, stays at Grammy and Gramps house". Although, I was offered the opportunity to climb the tree with sweet Carlin, so there are some people that are allowed.  
I've got SO MANY images to share from Arizona, and starting tomorrow, they will be making their debut. There are tons of great ones! So many that it will be a total of 4 posts, so please make sure you keep coming back.
p.s.. both images above where taken with my 50mm f/1.2 lens at f/1.2. I've neglected to do posts for my Project 52, so I will do my best to keep sharing them. They just won't be every single week.
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