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Canon 5 D Mark II, You served me well!

Not many people can say that they have shot their camera to it's designed "end of life". Well, I am happy to report, that I did!  
The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is designed to shoot 150,000 frames before Canon considers it "end of life". Meaning, the camera has done it's job, and it could fail at any time after 150,000 frames. At this point of this cameras life, depending on what is wrong it, it may be more cost effective to replace the camera than to pay for a repair. Some of my friends had asked if I was going send it in for repair. The quick answer was NO! Technically, there isn't anything wrong with the camera, and I could have probably gotten a few thousand more frames out of it.  
I ALWAYS take a back up with me when I am shooting on location, so if something were to happen to this camera, I had an older Canon 5D with me. When clients are paying you a LOT of money to document special moments for their families, it isn't worth the risk to have your primary camera fail. I highly recommend to all photographers that you have a backup camera available during your sessions.
To add some more fun to this momentous event, I decided to write a letter to my dear old 5D Mark II.  
Dear Original 5D Mark II camera,  
You have been so good to me!  
I am at a loss for words by the fact that I have taken 146,419 frames on you, and you were designed for 150,000 to be shot. Wow!  
146,419 frames means that you have been with me since June 7, 2009 and on this day, December 21, 2011, I need to let you go.  
I knew when we first brought you home, that you were going to take awesome images, but that we had to get used to this whole new full frame sensor thing, video capability, and live view. The first few images that came out of you were priceless, and when I shoot wide open with my 85 1.2 and 50 1.2, wowzers!  
You absolutely killed me with your 21 MB images which required me to spend even more money on storage for your beautiful RAW images!  
During that time, you have allowed me to document so many amazing moments; gorgeous weddings, fun engagements, fabulous high school and college seniors, fresh new babies, growing families, fun parties, special events, and even a few workshops where you helped me improve my skills as a photographer. 
Words can't even express how wonderful of a camera you have been. You never ever gave me any problems. We never had to take you in for repairs, which according to some of my other photographer friends, that has been a miracle.  
We have traveled to Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas and Denver together, which are ALL of my favorite cities, and I hope that you enjoyed your time in those cities as much as I did. You allowed me to document the true beauty of each city and all my loved ones who live there. And, I really hope you enjoyed your time in my Shootsac, all warm and cozy!  
I'll be sending you over to our good friend Jeremy. He's fairly new to photography, so he'll be learning all about you in detail. Please take good care of him and teach him as much as you have taught me, mostly about enjoying the art of photography. 
Thank you for helping me create so many images for our wonderful clients and friends! 
Tira J
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