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Checking In, Vol. XVII, Dance Portraits, Bieber & Christmas

Whew! What a busy weekend! I made it to today in one piece, as that was one of my goals.  
Enjoying: The beautiful rain storm today! Let's just pray that there isn't too much flooding in the areas affected by the recent wind storm. Last night we drove through Sierra Madre and there is still a ton of debris in the streets.  
Watching (ed): Those absolutely fun Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. David calls them "chickity flickities" His own term verses Chick Flicks. 
Currently Reading (ed): Who has had time to read? I've been strapped to my computer, which I LOVE AND WOULDN'T TRADE A MINUTE OF, because I am doing what I love. I am waiting for Tofurious' new book, Social Marketing for Digital Photographers to come in the mail.  
Looking forward to: Christmas! Spending time with my family and friends. 
Thankful for: All my friends, family and clients who have left me feedback for my new website and blog. And I am extra thankful for Brock and Dave!  
Listening to: Random stations on Pandora, and it's true, I have been listening to the Justin Bieber station. Thanks to one of my little friends Mya who came over last week, she got me hooked while we were doing some fun pictures of her in the studio. Baby, Baby, Baby! 
Happy Monday! 
Here's a few sneak peeks from the recent shoot I did for the Perfect Pointe School of Dance. We did a two day event for their dance recital portraits and still have a few more to do. I have to say, I encourage ALL photographers to stretch themselves to do something totally different than what you are used to, as you will be even more stretched as an artist. I was.  
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