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Client Wall Displays: Finn & Max

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Gosh, last December, I was so good about blogging and did a blog entry almost every single day. This year, I became super busy taking care of our clients, spending time with family and working on my new website. So, please excuse the little absence. It's all for good reason! I promise.  
Remember the last images I did of Max and Finn? Well, their Mama Kathy sent me a text a few weeks back and said that she wanted to do a wall of canvases in her living room. Of course, I was super excited, especially when she said that she wanted to do 9 10x10 canvases. Well, as our dialogue went on, the measuring tapes came out, mock ups were made, and we narrowed it all down to three final images.
Here's the three final images she decided on, so you can see how handsome her boys are. Isn't Finny so cute? I hope to see him this weekend!
Maxie is all grown up. Seriously, it seems like yesterday, his Dad was holding him on his arm for his newborn portraits. Time is going by way too fast.
Monkey see, Monkey do! I love this image!
As I mentioned, we started this with 9 10x10 Canvas prints.
Then we narrowed it down to 8 20x20 canvas prints.
And finally, we narrowed it down to three of her most favorite images.
And here is the final outcome in her living room. Something very important to mention here is that we needed to know the exact space Kathy and Jerry had in their living room so we could plan out the spacing of the canvas prints. Kathy had made her own templates during this project and would send me pictures to see what I thought. I honestly think the final display looks amazing! Special thanks to Nono (Max & Finn's grandpa) for taking the picture above and to Ariana Falerni of Photographer's Wall Displaysfor creating such amazing products!  
We can't wait to do more large wall displays!
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