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More Organic Bloom Frames!

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*Effective July 15, 2014 we will no longer be offering Organic Bloom frames as a product offering. If you are one of our clients who has ordered OB in the past, please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing more. Thank you so much!
Okay, okay, okay.....I have had these frames from The Organic Bloom for a month and am just now getting around to showing them off. The day the box came, some of our clients/friends had just arrived for their session, and they said, "are you expecting a shipment" This box was HUGE!!!! And can I tell you, no worries about these guys getting damaged during the shipment. Everything was packed to perfection.  
The frame above is a 20x24 Twin Double Stack Meg frame. Cashmere with Parchment. If you have been to our home, you already know that this frame takes up the entire north wall of the studio next to the window (see last image). And it is gorgeous!!!! I'll be rotating the images every few months, so stay tuned for more goodness in that big mama frame.
Another favorite of everyone's, the 10" Johnny in Grey Morning with Brown glaze. Doesn't Koen look handsome?
Another cutie of Mia. This is a 5x7 Ellie in Blush with silver glaze.
I have a thing for these 5x10 frames. The frame above is a Jessie Double Stack with Charcoal and Lily Pad. I am loving the Double Stacks.
The frame above was actually one of the very first OB frames I had ordered. It is a 5x10 Mary Ann in Pink Hydrangea.
Lastly, now you can see how BIG this Meg Twin Double is. She is a beauty! All of the Organic Bloom frames are custom, made to order, and are available in the Tira J Boutique. Connect with me to find out more.
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