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Newborn Posing / Mentoring with Pumpkin Pie Photography

Another one checked off tthe list of my 101 things in 1001 days #41 - Attend a newborn mentoring workshop. 
I've been photographing newborns for a while now, but I really wanted to fine tune my posing skills. In order to perfect what I had already spent so much time on, I wanted and needed to invest in a newborn posing workshop. There are a lot of different workshops to choose from in all areas of the country, with all sorts of different styles, and a wide range of investments. Some of the workshops have class sizes ranging from one, four, eight or twelve. I made the decision that I wanted to do a 1:1 class for newborn posing. I've been to my share of workshops, and I've tried to navigate my way up to the front in order to snag a picture of the model, or have gotten stuck in the back of the group and you can't hear the instructor. I am so glad that my friend Angie suggested I contact Amanda from Pumpkin Pie Photography in Texas.  
I met Amanda at her beautiful home bright and early on a hot Saturday morning in Prosper, Texas, and she had two handsome little guys lined up for our time together. Our first little guy was Raymond. He was such a good baby for us, and never made a peep. Amanda took me through her entire session process, each pose, what works, what doesn't work, what to do and what not to. While I can't go into all of the details about what I learned, I can say that I am thankful to my husband for encouraging me to do this workshop, and since I have done this workshop, I am even more excited to have more newborns in the studio.  
*Amanda, thank you so much for spending an entire day and evening with me to teach me all of your secrets, tips and tricks in order to perfect my newborn posing. You are such a gem to our community and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for blessing not only myself, but so many others. You will be missed. 
*And to Angie, thank you for sharing Amanda with me. You know how hard I have been working on this, and you have been such a great encouragement and inspiration to me. I am so thankful for you and all that you have shared with me.  
Love ya both, Tira J xoxo
Our second little guy was Eli, who again, didn't make a peep and never even went potty on us. What a miracle!
*Mama's to be, I have to say that I do not own any of the hats in these images, but have quite a collection of hats and have just found the perfect person to start making more beautiful hats for your little ones. I will have many more hats to choose from over the next few weeks.
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