Aug. 29, 2011 101 in 1001, Photography

#40 Visit WHCC in Dallas

The first thing I did when I arrived in Dallas last month, was pay a visit to my amazing lab, White House Custom Colour. Crossing another one is #40 on the list! 
Their headquarters is actually in Eagan, Minnesota and someday I will pay them a visit too. This was a quick visit to one of their satellite labs in Mesquite to see how things operate, and to meet some of the amazing people behind the products I deliver to all of my clients. Most of the prints and products I offer come from WHCC's satellite location in Fresno, CA, and the rest of the big items like books, image boxes and gallery wraps come from Minnesota.  
My friend and owner of WHCC, Mike Hanline arranged the tour for me, and I am so glad I went. Jim, who runs the Dallas location gave me the tour, and he answered all of my crazy questions (there are always a lot), and he even showed me the Tootsie Roll & Blow Pop Lollipop stash! Photographers who use WHCC, you know what I'm talking about! It's massive!
After doing this tour, I am even more convinced that I use one of the BEST labs in the country. The cleanliness, attention to detail, smooth operations, great people, and great products, equal a fabulous lab, happy photographer and very happy clients!  
Thanks again Mike and Jim for the tour! Can't wait to see Fresno and then Minnesota!
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