Aug. 22, 2011 Our Life

Checking In, Vol. XVI, The Gossip & The Pool

We are another week closer to Christmas! I can't believe it! If you have read the post above, you may have seen that I will be doing some mini sessions for clients who want some updated images of their family, but don't have the time for a full session. I still have some slots available!  
Enjoying: Family! Yesterday, we had a big family gathering to celebrate my brother's birthday, and aside from eating way too much, it was a great time had by all!  
Watching (ed): Kim Kardashian got married? Who knew? Just kidding! I was watching the Today show this morning and Kathie Lee Gifford apparently attended the Hollywood wedding of the century and spilled the scoop. I guess there is going to be a full special on the wedding coming soon. It's all the bees knees around town.  
Currently Reading (ed): I need to get back into a new book, but have been a little distracted. I did go see One Day last Friday. I had wanted to read the book first, but just couldn't resist. I will still read the book, just not right now.  
Thinking about: What I went to do this afternoon. It wasn't the highlight of my day, but when you reach a certain age, they are mandatory! I went for my mammogram. While it is very painful, it is totally worth it. If you have any type of breast cancer in your family, go get checked! It could save your life.  
Looking forward to: Some exciting sessions I have coming up! And, I am accepting a limited amount of high school and college senior clients again. If you are part of the Class of 2012 and you want some great, unique senior portraits, give me a ring, I'd love to photograph you. 
Thankful for: New friends!  
Listening to: Colbie Calliat - All of You. My favorite song(s) are "Dream Life, Life" and "Brighter Than The Sun". 
Happy Monday! 
Here are a few fun images from yesterday's get together for my brother's birthday. Of course, Joey and Alice were the stars of the show, taking away from Matthew, which was okay with him. I purchased a little blow up pool for all our little friends that come visit.
Miss Alice and Joey had a ton of fun splashing in the pool while nine adults watched them.
Oh Miss Alice! You are a ton of fun!!!
Sisters: Joanne and Susan.
Finally, Joey was learning how to play croquet in the back yard. Don't laugh! I grew up with my parents playing croquet in our back yard and loved learning every bit of it. So much so, that we then played it growing up. And now, we have a set of our own. We do have the perfect yard for a perfect game.
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