Jun. 22, 2011 Children, Families

Abby, Annika & Audrey, Southern California Children's Photographer

Aren't they gorgeous?  
Audrey (10), Annika (8) and Abby (5) are three amazing, talented and beautiful girls. Seriously, they were oozing with everything great when we did this session. David and I drove down to Bonsall to connect with the girls and their parents, Adrienne and Jeff and we had an absolute blast!  
To make a really long long long story short, let's just say that I have known both Adrienne and Jeff for 20+ years, way before they even knew each other even existed. Adrienne's parents were my 5th grade Sunday school teachers and Jeff was part of a group of guys that I grew up at church with, etc. We are all so lucky and thankful that our worlds have completely come full circle to reconnect all of us.  
*Jeff & Adrienne, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to document your beautiful family! We had such a wonderful time with all of you, and we can't wait to do it again soon. We hope you are having an amazing time on your cruise, and we can't wait for you to see the rest of the images. Love, Tira J & David.
Miss Abby is a little firecracker!
And Miss Annika is hilarious! She would laugh so hard at everything.
And sweet sweet Miss Audrey, she is wonderful and gorgeous!
Yep, the pink chair made it all the way to their house! I am so glad we brought it because it worked out perfectly, and looks amazing in this field. The girls were fighting over it at the beginning, but it all worked out.
So sweet! The next three images are some of my many favorites of the girls.
Love images of a Mother and her sweet daughters.
It's a good thing I brought David along. Not only to help me shoot, but he had to help Jeff carry this super heavy bench.  
Now this is one gorgeous family!!!!
Jeff and his girls.
As I was walking around their home, I found an image like the one above, but it didn't have Abby in it because she hadn't come around yet. Now she is in it.
We got a little creative towards the end of the session, and we we ALL dirty, so what the heck, right? I love the image above.
I'll end this post with these gorgeous girls! L to R: Abby, Annika and Audrey.
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