Jun. 20, 2011 Our Life

Checking In, Vol. XIII, The Recovery

Today I get to finally leave the house after being so sick for the past five days. I came down with that horrible cold/flu/yuck combination and I was down for the count. On Friday, I spent 12 hours sitting in a recliner in our family room watching chick flicks. I couldn't sleep or read because I was in so much pain, and if I laid down, I would have a coughing fit like nobody's business. I am happy to report that I have survived and am so incredibly thankful for my husband, my doctor, and my clients who have been so patient as they wait for their images. And, thank goodness for strong antibiotics!  
Enjoying: Feeling better!  
Watching (ed): What have I not watched in the last few days? Let me know what you need to know, and I could probably tell you.  
Thinking about: The gigantic to do list I need to take care of before I leave on Wednesday.  
Looking forward to: My trip to Arizona.......more later. 
Thankful for: My husband, who if it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be able to sit here and type this blog post. I would probably still be in bed.  
Listening to: Our new favorite song is the theme song from New York Ink with Ami James. That song is "New York Groove", by KISS, Ace Frehley *don't worry, we aren't getting any tattoos, and we don't regularly listen to KISS. We just adore Ami James and think he and his crew are so talented.  
I leave you with this fun image of these three gorgeous divas we photographed recently. You can imagine the fun we had! More coming soon!!!  
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