Jun. 11, 2011 Children, Families

The Malak Family, Monrovia Family Photographer

Where do I begin? I have known Amy and Hany for such a long time. Back before they were even married, and they are going to be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this year. Nothing brings me greater joy than to photograph my dear friends and their growing families. And especially the fun stories I can share with the kids about their parents from way back when.  
Amy, Hany, Isabella, Sophia, Pheobe and Waddie all live in Monrovia, so they truly wanted images that depicted who they are, in a place where they have built their lives. If you haven't been to Monrovia, then you must check it out. It's this sweet little town about 25 miles east of Los Angeles. And about 3 miles from the town I grew up in, which is Arcadia. We had a blast during our entire time together.  
The first part of the session was for Hany's parents, Pheobe and Waddie. They wanted some simple family images at a park, and we had fun. Learning to speak Arabic at a moments notice so I could communicate with Hany's father was awesome! Basima!!!  
*To the entire Malak family, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to document your love for one another. You guys are so much fun to be around and I can't wait for you to see the rest of the images. Much Love, Tira J.
Love these two images!
Sophia and Isabella are completely gorgeous! And I can't believe how fast they grew up. Isabella just graduated with honors from the 8th grade today is going to be starting high school in the fall. Wow. 
After we said good bye to Pheobe and Waddie, we made our trek to downtown Monrovia and found all sorts of fun spots.
In true Malak fashion, every other picture there is something crazy happening.
I was so excited when Amy told me about the old Monrovia train station. It has been abandoned for decades and there are plans to rebuild it once the Gold Line comes through in the next few years. If you know me, you know that I love old rustic places, especially places that are historical for the area I grew up in.
Isabella and Sophia, you two are gorgeous!
I have a lot of favorites from this session, but the one below is one of my favorite family images.
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