May. 13, 2011 Our Life, Photography

Random Macro Friday!

We just purchased a new 100mm f/2.8L macro lens and have been having fun with it over the past week and half.  
We specifically purchased it to photograph the precious newborns that come over to our studio, but have also been testing it out on our "other babies", meaning, Tinkerbell and Buzz. We photographed our own cats, so you can be the judge! Keep in mind, that right before we got our kitties, David made the comment, "the gray one is mine"!  
Let me just say, in all honesty, using this lens takes a lot of practice and patience!  
Buzz was photographed at 1000 ISO, F/11.0, 1/125
Tinkerbell was photographed at ISO 500, f/ 4.0 1/125
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