Mar. 25, 2009 Our Life

Don't be shy

Oftentimes, I find myself “lurking” on other blogs before I will leave a comment. It’s not about being a lurker, because that sounds silly. It’s about being shy. Hence the reason for this post and the picture below, courtesy of Andree's Illustration & Collages.
I want everyone who stops by this blog to know that they don’t have to be shy. Even if in the comments, you just say hey and you like purple, that’s okay. Too often I have seen commenter’s on other blogs who have “lurked” for over a year before they made themselves known to the public. I have met some of my most favorite photographer colleagues because I left comments on those blogs so long ago. People whom I trust, that if I ever had to miss a shoot, which I have yet to do, would be there for me. I just love building friendships and networks with others and some of my friends and family joke that instead of the six degrees of separation, it is the three degrees of Tira.  
Every time I do a new post, I often wonder what others will think, or if I am saying the right thing, because I am not an expert at all in anything except for tying my shoe. The friend I had lunch with today said that she wanted to know more about me on my blog, even though she had me right there in front of her. I agreed with a crazy tone and said I will try.  
When I searched Google Images for an image that represented Shy, some of my favorite characters came up. So, here is a fun factoid about me. In the early eighties, I collected Smurfs. You know, those carefree little blue characters that were on every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. I used to go to the neighborhood Hallmark store with my allowance to purchase one of the newest smurfs and would then put them on the shelf in my bedroom. Kind of like my own little fan club. The crazy news is that I STILL have those little Smurf collectibles. Not sure why, maybe because I thought they would be worth a lot of money some day. Hate to break it to you, but I just checked Ebay, and they aren’t worth much at all.  
So yes, I loved the Smurfs when I was in the 6th grade and that is all there is to it. I am sure that everyone collected something when they were kids and still have those items packed away in the garage or at your parents house. C’mon, admit it! We are having a yard sale in a few weeks and the Smurfs won’t be making it to the sale table, so don’t even try to come and buy my most favorite little blue guys and gals.  
Happy Wednesday!  
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