Apr. 28, 2011 Our Life

They found 58 eggs!

When David and I got married, my Mom said that we could start hosting some holidays at our house. She gets Easter and Christmas, and we get Thanksgiving and all the other little ones. So, this past Sunday, we celebrated Easter at my Mom's home. We had a big group this year, along with two adorable little ones running around. The food was delicious and I think we all rolled our way home, just like an egg rolling out of a basket.  
Speaking of eggs, we had a great Easter egg hunt for Joey and Alice. David and I hid 58 eggs that were loaded with money. I think only 4 eggs actually had candy in them. Joey kept reminding me that there were 58 eggs to be found. And guess what? They found all of them.  
Can you find the egg below? Ha ha!
You've met Joey before here. The completely adorable little girl that melted the hearts of everyone around is Alice. She is Joanne's sister's little girl. I was just gushing over her cuteness!
She had to make sure none of her eggs ended up in Jo Jo's basket.
I think David might have hid one of the eggs close to that Crown of Thorns plant. Don't worry, nobody was hurt. Hopefully Joey wasn't bummed that we didn't put any candy in the eggs.
Melt my heart now!
My Mom took the picture below. She did pretty well! No blur!
Okay, so the desserts below were made by Joanne and her sister Susan. Joanne did the cupcakes and a few other surprises. And Susan, made the Baklava. Seriously, this was the best baklava I have ever had, and I have had a LOT. It was just perfect. I will attempt the recipe this summer and report back.
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