Mar. 25, 2011 Children, Newborns

Kenzie Grace (19 days), Inland Empire Newborn Photographer

I knew about her right when her parents were telling everyone they were expecting. And, her Mom had a dream that if she had a little girl, her name would be Kenzie Grace.  
Meet Kenzie Grace! She was 19 days old when she came to the studio with her parents, Kristin and Scott, and she was so precious and perfect to work with. She was a little older than some of the others, but it was just perfect! She really didn't have a whole lot of cares in this world, which was wonderful! It's hard to believe that I first met Kenzie's Daddy when I was in Junior High. I am the same age as his sister Julie and we all grew up at the same church. We were all reconnected through a mutual friends, APU, and God of course!  
Kristin and Scott, thank you so much for bringing your precious little girl over. She was such a sweet angel, and I know she is going to bless your lives to the depths of the sea! You two are amazing parents and I am so happy that we have all reconnected. Much love and blessings, Tira J.
The headband and flower above is courtesy of Strawberry Patch Bowtique
I made the purple floral headbands and the the one in the first image. All of my little newborn girls get a special gift from me when they visit!
Happy Family!!!
One of my favorites of Kristin and Kenzie Grace
I love the one above and below of Scott and Kenzie. A father's loves is so precious and Scott is such a great Dad.
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