Mar. 23, 2009 Children

Max and the Pugs!

Mr. Maxwell has three little friends that try to get all of his attention, all of the time. Last weekend, I went over to get a few more pictures of Maxwell with his Pugs; Olive (the black one) and Dewey and Darla (brother and sister).  
I have always thought pugs were the cutest dogs, ever since the movie Men in Black came out and Frank the Pug made an appearance. And, I have a photographer friend who photographs dogs and has a famous pug by name of Bogie. Bogie the Pug is even on twitter and we follow each other! How's that for a high tech dog!  
Back to Maxwell, he loves his doggies so much and is really looking forward to having his own back yard to chase them in. See, Mom and Dad are in the process of looking for a much larger home for Max and the three pugs. Hopefully by summertime, they will have a yard to roam in. The pugs could not get enough of Maxwell and while we were outside taking pictures, they were all over him. Of course, he loved it. I can't wait until Max is walking and he can finally chase after the pugs.  
The entire family!
Mr. Maxwell looking rather handsome!
Maxwell with his Great Grandma and Olive the pug. Aren't they cute?
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