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Bunco and being in the know!

Last night, I needed to go pick up a special gift for an event I am attending this evening. Tonight, I will be a substitute for a Bunko game with some ladies whom I have never met, except for one. When I was buying the little gift for tonight's game, I told the ladies that I was buying it for a Bunkco game. "Oh, you are going to have so much fun, we play all the time, even our husband's play". Yep, I am crossing over into an entire new world tonight.  
All of that to say, while I was purchasing this great gift, the ladies at the store asked me if I wanted to sign up for their mailing list, because they send out special gifts for one's birthday, and monthly specials. Well, of course I will sign up! Seriously, I am one of those people who likes to be in the know. Especially when it comes to my favorite store, Brighton.  
So, here it is folks, our new e-mail newsletter sign up. I promise that you won't get any spam from us, just good clean information from Tira J Photography! My goal for this newsletter is to share special tips for your images such as displaying and archiving, specials, fun sessions we had, and some great images.  
Sign up here for the newsletter! 
You can also access the newsletter sign up by going to the Client drop down section above.  
**Edit to add - I just got home from Bunko and it was so wonderful. They were a great group of ladies, and they even gave me a nickname- SHARK! Only because I kept scoring points. And to top it off, I got two Bunko's! Seriously, I have never played Bunko! Can't wait to do it again. Thanks Heather!!!
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