Feb. 2, 2011 Photography

It's Live! The New [b]school 2.0

Since I started my business over five years ago, I have always been on the quest to learn more, become a part of a great community, and to help other photographers, so they can learn from some of my mistakes, because, trust me, we all make them. 
A few years back, I became a private school member of the [b]school and since then, my business has flourished, I have gained so much more knowledge, and have made so many great friends. All because of an idea someone by the name of Christopher Becker aka [b]ecker had.  
If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that he and I are pretty good friends, and he has given me so many awesome opportunities. I have shot a wedding with him, he did our holiday pictures one year, and I was even featured on his live Study Hall Without [b]ecker....., well, I don't want to even think about it.  
Today is a great day! The new version of the [b]school has officially launched. It's version 2.0 and it is lightening FAST, so much fun, and it is the must join community of 2011!  
If you want to see your business GROW, meet new friends, and become a part of one of the greatest photography communities, then click on the link below to join! You won't be sorry.  
The New [b]school 2.0
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