Feb. 10, 2009 Photography

Photographer Resources: The Beginning

I really wanted to add a section for photographers here on my new BlogSite, because over the course of the past year, I have been exposed to some valuable resources and now it's my turn to share with others. While I am no expert whatsoever, the information I will eventually share here in this section is based on my own experiences.  
There are several people and websites I went to when I had questions or needed to network with other photographers. Over a year ago, someone who I adore to the hilt, pointed me in the direction of Open Source Photo, founded by David Jay. If you are just starting out like I was over a year ago, you will find other photographers across the nation, and the world who are willing to help each other, give constructive criticism, and laugh to your hearts content. The friendships I have built through that forum will last a lifetime, and I am forever grateful to Jasmine for sharing that link with me.  
It was through OSP that I found other photography resources and eventually got connected to the [b]chool, founded by [b]ecker. Chris Becker that is. The [b]school has been a HUGE addition to the photography industry, and I too learned so much from all of the [b]school videos. [b]ecker's sense of humor will keep you coming back, just as I hope you come back here.
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