Jan. 17, 2011 Our Life

Checking In, Vol. VIII, Featured in Inland Empire Magazine

Reading: Still reading the same books from last week. I don't have as much time these days, so it takes me a little longer.  
Enjoying: This amazing weather we are having in January. Um, hello 80 degrees!  
Watching (ed): Meet the Parents & Meet the Fockers. I became a movie junkie this weekend and watched Gaylord Focker, Jack Burns & Mr. Jinxie go crazy! Love then. 
Thinking about: How much I need to get done between now and Wednesday when the ladies all come over for Bunco. I switched months with Kim, so we have lots to do. Making one of their favorite recipes
Looking forward to: Hopefully photographing more newborns over the next few weeks. I have been working hard to create a wonderful environment in our natural light home studio that is conducive to bringing your little one over to be photographed in their first few days of life.  
Thankful for: My husband who works tirelessly and is amazing at what he does. 
Listening to: The birds singing right outside my office window. They are a bit happy with the weather too.  
In other news, I was featured in the January issue of Inland Empire Magazine. I am honored to appear in their special Women of Distinction section of the January issue.
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