Jan. 13, 2011 Children, Families

The Dix Family, Glendora Family Portrait Photographer

Meet the Dix Family. They have a special place in my heart because I have known them for 20+ years and their family has literally doubled since then. I am ALWAYS honored to have the opportunity to photograph my oldest friends and their loved ones. It truly brings great joy to my heart. Our session was set back a few days due to scheduling and the remnants of that good old rain storm we had over Christmas. We made out pretty good that day, minus the 40 degree weather up on the hill. This was the one time that the entire family was going to be together before Ruth & Richard go back out to the mission field in Afica. They left the following Wednesday and will be there for another 6-9 months. Steve, Diana and the kids were here from Georgia, and John, Carolee, the kids and Mary are local.  
*Thank you to all of you for blessing not only my life, but for the lives of the thousands you have touched in so many way whether it be out on the mission field, in the churches, the workplace and the medical profession.  
Steve & Diana's children: Natalie, Emma and Daniel. They were so funny, especially Natalie and her cute shoes.
Steve, Diana and their beautiful children.
Ruth & Richard, happily married for 45 years. Wow.
Mary and her sweet Mama.
All the grandkids with Ruth & Richard.
The Dix Men!
The Dix Women!
Steve & Diana
John, Carolee, Claire, Audrey and Luke
Audrey, Claire and Luke aka Ethan. Hopefully Luke forgives me for calling him Ethan so many times. He would just make these faces at me and I couldn't figure out why. I think we were all cold. Sorry Luke!
Carolee and John. *John is hilarious, and he kept everyone laughing the entire afternoon. I wanted to bottle him up and put him in my camera bag for my next session.
Aunt Mary and the kids.
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