Jan. 11, 2011 Our Life

Your territory!

"Please, no pictures!" 
He's not really shy, just trying to pretend he is sleeping on top of our comforter as all of linens were being washed this past weekend. Both Buzz and Tinker got so spoiled while we were on Christmas vacation because they were able to sleep in our room most of the time. Buzz pretty much declared David's side of the bed, his domain. David was sick during part of our vacation and when David was taking a nap, Buzz climbed up on top of him in the spot which he previously deemed his. Cats are hilarious, and they have so many funny quirks about them. We love our little kitties, and how can you resist this adorable ball of fur? We really do have the best, most well behaved cats on the planet. We sometimes joke that they are part dog because we have been able to train them. I am sure lots of people would beg to differ, but that is our opinion.  
Last night, my friend Ashleigh shared a link on facebook to this crazy, sarcastic comic site. They have some of the funniest comics about cats, we just couldn't stop laughing. If you are up for some funny comics, you need to go here.
In other news, if you haven't heard, Verizon announced that they will start carrying the iPhone. This girl is HAPPY!!!
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