Mar. 9, 2009 Babies, Children

Myla (3 1/2), Josiah & Isaac (6 mo.)

It was all about Mandy, her best friend who has been there for her through thick and thin. Princess Myla and Mandy were the stars of the show at the portrait session for her family, that included Mom (Celi), Dad (Arthur) and her handsome twin brothers, Josiah and Isaac who are just about 6 months old.  
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to stretch the imagination of all of the little ones I photograph, so to start off with, I had the opportunity to photograph Myla (3 1/2) with her best friend Mandy. Myla was excited to have her picture taken and at first was saying "cheese". But once we concluded that saying "cheese" was "cheesy" we got down to our business. We discovered that God made the sky pink and orange for a number of reasons, and as she was looking up to the sky, she could stretch her imagination beyond belief with endless possibilities of dreams.  
Josiah and Isaac are just about 6 months old and are almost identical twins. I had a hard time telling them apart, but now that I have processed all of their images, it's not a problem! Josiah has darker eyes and dark hair, and is the more serious of the two. And Isaac, he has blue eyes and much lighter hair. And he was all smiles. They were so handsome, and you know that I have a thing for multiples, even more goodness! I am sure they can't wait to chase big sister Myla around the back yard.  
*Celi and Arthur, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and giving me the opportunity to photograph your amazing and absolutely gorgeous family. I hope our paths will cross again soon. Much love and blessings to all of you, Tira J 
To view more images from their session, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THEIR SLIDESHOW! 
Myla and Mandy
The sky is pink and orange....Really!
The twins, Isaac and Josiah
Isaac - Mr. Smiles
Josiah - Mr. Serious
There is something about this last image where only Arthur is looking at the camera. I stared at this image for a while and concluded that he is showing how proud he is and how much he loves his family.
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