Oct. 16, 2010 Couples in Love, Photography

Favorite colors

Growing up, my room was yellow! I had yellow everything. Yellow and white gingham wall paper on two walls, and yellow, orange and green flowers on the other two walls. I had yellow shag carpet and my bedding was yellow, green and orange to match the walls. Yes! My favorite color growing up was yellow. Over time, those favorite colors changed into green, then purple, and now pink. I loved rainbows growing up because they represented each color that was supposed to be my favorite. When David and I were married, my favorite color at the time (10 years ago) was purple. The bridesmaids dresses were purple, I had purple flowers and accents all over the ceremony and reception. What I didn't have, were purple shoes. If I could do it all over again, I would probably try to find the exact color purple that matched my girls dresses. Today, if you haven't guess what my favorite color is....well then, let me tell ya. It's hot pink / plum. I remember going through the branding process with Dave from Infinet Design and he sent me so many different color combinations. It was hard to choose just one color and then stick with it. I finally chose this color because it makes me feel alive and it brings joy to my images. Your brand does not have to represent your favorite color. It needs to represent the message you are trying to send to your clients.  
Here's a little sneak peek of someone's favorite color!  
What is your favorite color? Is your brand representation of your favorite color? Why or why not?
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