Oct. 13, 2010 Our Life

He's a lurker!

This week, I have been fighting a cold. Not what I had planned, but it was a sign that I over did it the previous weekend with a wedding I shot and then going full force into the week with my roller skates on and not stopping until the weekend. I am excited to say that I am almost done editing the wedding and it will be posted soon. And the other great news is that this cold is almost over. Colds are so overrated! Seriously.  
I stayed home yesterday from my full time job in hopes to kick this cold in the rear and noticed that Buzz is always looking out the windows at something or someone. He is so funny! And his sister does the same thing. They have different spots throughout our house where they can see out the shutters. He's like a little guard cat! In this case, he was watching his sister who was probably trying to catch a lizzard and got extremely jealous. If he had it his way, he would sit in between the shutters and the glass all day.  
Have a great weekend!
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