Oct. 12, 2010 Children, Families

The Quads are back!, Glendora Children's Photographer

How can you resist them? I met up with the Shahbaz Quadruplets last week bright and early to do some quick holiday portraits, and to get some great images for their grandparents 40th wedding anniversary.  
L to R in the photo above: Cedar, Jordan, Jeremiah and Jonah. They are growing up so fast and it is so great to hear them talk, laugh and listen to me when I am photographing them. We had such a great time. The trick to this session and all of the laughter was to actually tell them not to smile and not to laugh. Obviously, it was some reverse psychology.
Cedar and Tata aka Amal. I just love how sweet this image is.
Phil and Amy! They never want me to take pictures of the two of them because we always make it about kiddos. I love this image of them.
The entire Shahbaz family. The tall guy on the left is Phil's brother Peter. Next to Peter is Grandpa George and then Amy and Phil. Then the Quads with Amal. Jonah, Jordan, Cedar and Jeremiah.
At the end of the session, we broke out the bubbles and had some more fun. They've almost got it.  
Enjoy more images in the gallery below. You will notice some of the images of George and Amal for their 40th wedding anniversary, all of the Shahbaz Men (3 generations) and more Quadruplet cuteness!
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