Aug. 22, 2010 Teens

Senior Portrait Photographer, Glendora High School; Austin

Meet Austin!  
He's smart, athletic, caring, and is one of my senior model reps for Glendora High School. We had so much fun at his session last weekend, and as usual, I laughed a lot, because I love my seniors. Austin has dreams and goals as big as this world, and I know he is going to achieve them, because he has faith. His ultimate goal after he graduates from high school next year is go to college, and then go on to Harvard Law School. Hence the reason he is sporting that awesome t-shirt above. Another goal Austin and his sister have is to become models for Ford Modeling Agency. Austin is on the track team at Glendora and volunteers with our church a LOT! I mean A LOT! He is such a giving person of his time, faith and love for others.  
*Thank you Austin for your being so photogenic in front of my camera, and for having fun during your entire session. I know that you are going to go places in their world and I appreciate you more than you know for your huge heart of gold. Blessings, Tira J. 
This is the picture that go in his college application.
One of my favorites.
This is my favorite.
This one is for Adam, Rob and Taylor.
At Glendora High School, this is Austin's bench. He meets all of his friends here for lunch.
My favorite red doors.
Shants! Shorts n Pants wrapped up in one!
So serious!
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