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DIY, Fabric Garland

First, I've got to give a shout out to my brother Matthew who is celebrating his birthday today! Happy Birthday! I love you and I am so proud of you and all that you have going for you right now.  
A few weeks ago, I got a wild hair up my sleeve and decided to give homemade fabric garland a whirl for Jonathan & Greta's baby shower. They are having a little girl in September, and our office threw them a baby shower, which was so much fun and yummy I might add. We have a lot of great cooks in our office and I really need to get my hands on Patti's cream cheese french toast recipe. It was to die for. And I know today is Wednesday, and you are on the edge of your seat wanting a Whip It Up Wednesday, but we promise we will have one next week. Things around our house have been a little crazy.
Aside from my creativity in my photography, I love branching out into other creative outlets such as sewing, knitting and scrapbooking. I have an entire room in my home dedicated to these crafts, but don't have a whole lot of time to work on them. I did however, stop the presses for this garland and it felt to good. I enjoyed it so much, and it was such a great stress reliever. I guess now if I am not editing, which I LOVE, I will be doing one of the above crafts/hobbies.  
The garland was super easy to make, once you have all of our supplies and know how much you want to make. I originally got the idea from the Restoration Hardware Baby catalog. First, going into the fabric store is like going into a candy store. I literally get lost with all of the colors, patterns and ideas. And, I just have to say, that I am no seamstress. I can read a pattern and have made a few things, but you won't see my next design in Vogue. My neighbor aka Maxwell's Nona is a wonderful seamstress and makes the most beautiful aprons.  
Here is a list of the supplies I used. Remember, if you don't want to make 12 yards of garland, then don't buy what I did. Trust me, we had a LOT! If you want to include three different color flags, then buy 1/2 a yard of each.  
1 yard of pink cotton fabric 
1 yard of green cotton fabric 
(3) 3 yard packages of quilt binding. I used 7/8, but you can use narrower, if you want a different look.  
Pinking Shears (I use these instead of regular scissors because I wanted a more classy look, and so the fabric wouldn't fray) 
Spray Starch 
Straight Pins 
Sewing Machine
I pre-wash all of my fabric and press it out before I cut it. I then cut out the triangles to measure 6 inches wide and 9 inches in height. I actually cut a piece of cardboard and used it as a template to make the process go a little smoother.
Once I had the triangles cut out, I started to pin them inside the quilt binding. *Note, place the pins closer to the edge so the sewing machine needle doesn't hit them.
We don't have a big fancy sewing machine like Susan my neighbor does. This one was actually David's grandmother's and it is still going strong.
Once I was done sewing all of the pieces, I starched the garland to prevent the wrinkles.  
The finished product out in the back yard. You can use the garland as a permanent decoration in a kids bedroom, or for a party like we did. Another idea is to get iron on letters and place a child's name on the garland.
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