Jul. 30, 2010 Children

Sophie (6), Graham (3), Laguna Niguel Children's Photographer

Last weekend, I met Graham, Sophie and their father Simon down at their home in Laguna Niguel and let me first say, that the drive was worth it! Meeting these kiddos made me so happy! And this session was extra special because their awesome dad acquired the session through a silent auction at a Megan's Wings fundraiser event. More on Megan's Wings soon.  
When I arrived at their home, Sophie and Graham greeted me at the gate, like their new playmate for the afternoon had just arrived. Well, actually that's true. Because when I do a children's or family portrait session, I LOVE to have fun! At the last minute, I brought along the infamous pink chair for Sophie and the little blue chair for Graham. The moment those chairs hit the pavement, they had already been deemed his and her's.  
Sophie, Graham and Simon, It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with you and get to know you better. Thank you so much for the joy you brought to my heart! Love you guys, Tira J.  
Princess Sophie, you are beautiful! Sophie fell in love with the chair, and I am sure she didn't plan that headband to match perfectly!!! Sophie is a little firecracker and was so much fun to photograph and was busy talking a bazillion miles a minute the entire time, which I loved!
Oh Mr. Graham! You literally stole my heart. You are so sweet and handsome. Thanks for being a good sport and giving the Hawaiian shirt a chance! It was pretty funny because he wanted to wear his Lightning McQueen shirt for the entire session and keep stashing his race cars in his pockets. It wasn't until the very end of our time together that he was willing to change his shirt.
This is my most favorite image from the entire session! I just love the looks on all their faces, and they each have so much love and joy in their eyes.
Sophie and her Daddy.
Father and son. Another one of my favorites.
Enjoy the gallery below for more images from their session! Just give it a few minutes to load.
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