Jul. 17, 2010 Children

Finn Wiliam (9 days), Upland Newborn Photographer

Remember this post when Maxwell's parents announced they had another bundle of joy on the way?  
Well, 9 months later, allow me to introduce, Finn William who was just 9 days old when we did these.
Finn, Maxwell and his parents visited my home to do some newborn portraits a few weeks ago. Finn has got one strong personality already and he just didn't want to sleep, or lay on his tummy. So, we made due with that we could get, which is still one adorable 9 day old baby boy.  
Maxwell is still adjusting to his new little brother, but I hear that he just loves him to pieces!  
*Thank you Kathy, Jerry, Maxwell, Susan (Nona) and Jerry (Nono) for trusting me to document your growing family. Love, Tira J.
"Yep, I am not going to sleep for you Tira J, so you are going to have to deal with it". Thanks Finn!
"Okay, maybe I will fake it just a little so you can get one shot."
One of my favorites.
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