Jun. 22, 2010 Our Life

300 sheets and counting...

Yep! That's how many sheets of Kleenex are in the Costco box of Kleenex, and I have gone through almost double since last week! I do not wish this illness on anyone, as it isn't pretty, or all that fun. Some already know this, but I came down with bronchitis and a sinus infection last week, and I ALMOST NEVER GET SICK, so when I go down, I go down hard. I am thankful for an amazing husband, awesome friends, and two very loyal cats that stayed by my side and nursed me back to health. I am not quite healed, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The reason for this post, isn't just to share with you how many tissues I have gone through in a week, but to also share with my clients, past, present and future, that I rarely get sick and have never canceled a session. Unfortunately, this past weekend, it happened. I had to make the call to a client who had her session on my calendar for a few weeks to say, I was just too sick. Of course, she graciously said that it was okay if I just came over with a little cold (which is what I thought it was at first) and was still planning on going. But then Thursday night and Friday rolled around and I had taken a turn for the worse. Crawling out of bed on Friday, putting on clothing that I thought had matched to make it to the doctor was about all I could do.  
As a business owner, I realize how important it is to work with reliable people, and I consider myself a pretty reliable person. But with a fever of 101 and the diagnosis of bronchitis and a sinus infection, I can't be relied upon.  
*Photographers, be sure share with your clients what is going on in your life such as your health, or things that could possibly prevent you from doing your job as you intended. If for some reason you can't do a portrait session, most of the times those can be re-scheduled pretty easily. Weddings can't be re-scheduled, hence the reason it is important to belong to some strong communities of other photographers such as the[b]school where someone always has your back. 
Happy Tuesday!
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