Mar. 3, 2009 Children, Families

The Quads! Almost 2 at the Choo Choo's!

I just can't believe it! The Shahbaz Quadruplets are almost two years old. Not to worry, there will be a special post on their big day. I am so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to document this family's life, and if you had the opportunity to watch our new video, you will see why. I love them sooooo much.  
Cedar, Jonah, Jeremiah and Jordan will be having a "Choo Choo" celebration, so Amy and Phil felt the perfect location to do their 2 year pictures was Travel Town located next Griffith Park. They had visited a few days prior to ensure it was a good fit for them, because you never know how four little ones are going to react to these huge machines, and all of the people. Well, they loved it! They loved it so much that it was a little hard to get them to look my way because the trains were far more important.  
The truth of the matter is that they were so happy to see all of the "Choo Choo's" and did not really care what else was going on. We had a blast going on the old trains, exploring some of the antique train cars, and of course, inspecting the rails and rocks. Who knew that the rocks that sit in between the railroad tracks could have been the greatest thing since sliced bread? We were still looking for Thomas the Train, but did manage to find Rusty, Toby and Salty. I know that they had a great time at Travel Town, and you can certainly see the joy on their faces in the pictures below.  
To view more images from their time at Travel Town CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW
Jordan - the explorer!
Cedar - her special dress was made by "Grammy"
Jonah and Uncle Todd
Three handsome little boys!
The family! At Travel Town, you can take two laps around the entire park on their little train. They loved it.
My favorite image of the day. We were the last few to leave the park and the light was perfect.
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