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Their side of the story...

It's true! We were gone for 5 days and left our kitties for the first time. It is also true that for some, their pets are like children (when you don't have any), so this was a pretty big deal. My Mom graciously watched Tinkerbell and Buzz the entire time and concluded that her time spent at our home was a vacation. Really? Staying 30 miles from your home is a vacation? I guess so. Anyways, apparently a LOT "went down" while we were gone and my Mom aka Grams decided to document it for us.
This is a narrative from Tink & Buzz' perspective, so stick around for the story! It is really quite funny! 
5/20/10 It's about 3 p.m. SHE arrived! Did you tell us SHE was coming? Where are you and when will you be home? Anyway, she said her name was Grams. We think she's been here before." Tinkerbell" I left my sock at the door, so Grams almost tripped on it. Ha ha!! We walked around together and then I let her pet me. Then she got scared. Couldn't find Buzz". BuzzI thought that if she was going to be at my house for a while, I wasn't going to make it easy on her. So...I hid on one of the dining room chairs. She didn't know WHERE I was. I just smiled all of the time. Then I got Tinker to hid on another dining room chair. Grams thinks this cat sitting thing is going to be "a lark", but it isn't!  
5/21/10 Well, this is really interesting. Grams is still here. Buzz She closed the shutters in "her" room last night. I OPENED them! She thinks this is her house. I got on my perch (scratching post) and Tinker got on the dresser... and we watched Grams in "her" bed. She WASN'T going to leave, so we just left her alone. Sometime during the night, we got up on her bed without her knowing. We jumped off early this morning, so she wouldn't even know. At 7:40 a.m., we started our "thundering" (running like crazy cats all through the house and up the stairs). Thought we'd scare Grams away, but you must have already told her we do that. Anyway, Grams Changed ( I mean, cleaned) the (our) box, cleaned our bowls and fed us. Guess that's what she's here for! I'm keeping a close watch on her and Tinker is just doing her own thing.  
Buzz Another day with Grams. She went for dinner next door last night. (She's always gone!) Then we played some. We watched her again in "her" bedroom, but we didn't sleep with her. She's getting a little smarter. I guess you said we could go into the garage; cuz Grams won't let us in the yard. Well, sometimes she takes the gate to the passageway out so we can go in and out (when we remember how). Tinker feels comfort when she can sniff your car (David's car) and perch on top. We both got "love time" and we liked that. It's 2 p.m. and we're worn out - it's naptime on your bed (of course). Grams is going to do her Bible Study. (Maybe that will make her even smarter). Oh, Mom and Dad, you need to know that we haven't hidden from Grams - not once! Hope you're "chilling out" and having a good time.  
5/23/10 Day 4! Well, we're moving along here. We came into Grams' room about 5 a.m.. It was raining, so we wanted to do the "look out". Then we just watched her, but we were quiet. We got to go out in the garage for a little bit, then we went upstairs and watched her get ready for church. (Oh, we forgot to tell you that Grams' friend, Pat, came over last night and brought us "treats". Why don't you ask HER to Kitty Sit Us?). While Grams was gone, we decided to get into some mischief. We wanted to know what she was writing about us, so we decided to jump up on the counter and read what she'd written. It didn't seem like she was saying especially nice things about us, so we threw the papers on the floor. (Maybe she'll get the hint.). Anyway, Grams isn't all that bad. She does have some quirks though. She calls us "Loves" and "Sweetie". It really bugs us. And she talks to herself. And, Dad, you were supposed to teach her how to "do" our box. She takes FOREVER. We looked on - anxiously - and offered to help, but she said she could do it. We hope you're having a good time, but we want you home soon! 
5/24/10 Day 5! It's finally come. Grams is going home (to "her" home and you're coming back to "our" home ...purr, purr, purr!) We've kinda warmed up to Grams. We were feeling "our oats" this morning. Did a little thundering at 1 a.m.. Woke Grams up and then watched her for a while from our perch. (We did have good play time last night though, last night after she got home from the concert). Grams took care of her cat responsibilities this morning and let us go into the garage. (You'll see our marks all over your car). In case you can't read them, they say, "Welcome home, Mom and Dad; we love you!" Grams went out into the yard to putter a little bit, before she has to get ready for her last social event. Grams found out with her 5 days here that the few toys that works best for us were the small balls, the fuzzy tail on the stick and the white ribbon.  
We hope you had a good time and we welcome you with open paws! We love you, Tinker and Buzz
If you've gotten this far, thanks for sticking around and reading about what my crazy cats did with my Mom aka Grams while we were in Portland and Seattle. We are glad to be back, and so are they.  
Thank you Mom, for watching our kitties and loving them up!  
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Lots of great blog posts coming up, so be sure to come back.
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