May. 20, 2010 Photography

The New NAPCP: National Association of Professional Child Photographers

I am so excited to announce that the National Association of Professional Child Photographers has a brand new website, look, updated directory and wait for it, a parent blog! It just launched this week and everyone is thrilled to the bone with delight! The totally amazing Alice Park has worked so hard to get this great organization off the ground and has created one solid community of Child Portrait Photographers. If you are a parent looking for a great photographer in your area, check out the site. If you are a child photographer looking to get involved in a great community, check out this site. You can read these previous posts to see some of the other great things NAPCP is all about! I am even more excited because I have been asked to contribute some of the blog posts that will be read by parents and other photographers. Now, go check it out!!!
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