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Friends from the trailer....

For seven and a half years, I worked in a trailer! Yes, some would have considered us, "white trailer trash", but we had the best time no matter what. This trailer is the Office of the Undergraduate Registrar at Azusa Pacific University. This is the place where I met some lifetime friends, friends who have been there through the thick and the thin of life. Births, marriages, breakups, the loss of a loved one, illness, disagreements, educational accomplishments, weight gain and loss (because that is a huge one) and just plain life.  
The three pictures below are just a few of the many women who our dear friend and boss Todd has hired over time and I think I can speak for our entire group, that we will be forever grateful to him for hiring us. Todd has been there with all of us through the celebrations and trials of life. We sometimes refer to ourselves as Todd's Girls, even though he has three daughters of his own. Okay, maybe Todd's ladies? Deborah his wife understands.  
Some of our dear friends who are not in these pictures that we miss dearly are Shondra, Wendy, Carrie, Darlene and Sheila. If I missed someone, please forgive me.  
The picture below was taken just a few days ago, as Stephanie was visiting from Oklahoma, and Erin was visiting from Michigan.  
L to R: Tira, Marsha with Noah, Todd and Jamie, Stephanie, Rita, Mona and Erin with Brody.
The picture below was taken in Colorado in 2005 when Marsha and Dave were married. If you have been reading my blog (new and old) for a while, you will remember that Marsha is Noah's Mom.  
From L to R: Terah, Priscilla, Tira, Marsha, Stephanie, Kelsy
This picture was taken in 2004 when our dear Erin got married. Erin was our student worker for four years and we loved her so much and now if you refer to the picture at the top, she is all grown up with a little one of her own, Mr. Brody.  
From L to R back to front: Terah, Erin, Erin (that's not a typo, we had two Erin's) Mona, Todd, Marsha, Cyri, Allyson, Kelsy, Tira, our beloved Shirley, Jenny and Priscilla.
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