Apr. 27, 2010 Children

Sneak Peek! Noah, Azusa Children's Photographer

As I was "stalked" in the parking lot on the way to my car last night after work by this little guy's dad, I decided that they needed a little sneaky peeky!  
Noah's Dad and I have worked together at APU for 10+ years, so we can kid, joke and poke fun at each other until we are blue in the face. He joked with me last week and said I was stalking him because we saw each other 4 times in one day. I told him I was indeed the paparazzi and would be stalking him later! Ha! Right back at you Dave who has been checking this blog religiously for the last week! Marsha and Dave, you have one beautiful son!  
Noah just turned 2 last month and he is one active little guy! More to come soon! I promise!
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