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Photographers & Friends across the country....I need your help!

This my first time doing something like this, but my friends who are riding across the country to raise money and awareness for Diabetes need your help! I am looking for photographers and friends who live along the route the guys will be taking in a matter of weeks to document part of their journey as they pass through your town. Meet them, pray for them, cheer them on, and support their cause.  
Below, is the map of the route the guys will be taking for Connect for the CURE. They begin their journey across the country on Sunday, June 6th at the Santa Monica Pier and then commence their journey in New York City on July 25th.
So, photographers and friends that live across the country, here is where I really could use your help. Here is the list of cities the guys will be cycling through and resting in. If you live close to any of those cities listed, would you please let me know? I would love to capture images of the guys traveling through each town and then at a later date, create a book for them to be sent to the American Diabetes Association. If you are interested in helping, please connect with me through my site. I will call you to set up the plan, and give you other important information about this awesome event. I am also hoping to get my lab to donate some products for this cause, so more information will be coming soon. *Photographers who participate will be acknowledged on all publications.  
Riding Plan & Schedule 
Santa Monica Pier, Calif. Sunday, 6/6  
Azusa, Calif. Monday, 6/7  
Victorville, Calif. Tuesday, 6/8 
Baker, Calif. Wednesday, 6/9 
Las Vegas, Nev. *Rest day, Thursday & Friday, 6/10-6/11 
Caliente, Nev. Saturday, 6/12 
Cedar City, Utah Sunday, 6/13 
Page, Ariz. Monday, 6/14 
Kayenta, Ariz. *Rest day, Tuesday & Wednesday, 6/15-6/16 
Cortez, Colo. Thursday, 6/17 
Durango, Colo. Friday, 6/18 
Pagosa Springs, Colo. *Rest day, Saturday & Sunday, 6/19-6/20 
Saguache, Colo. Monday, 6/21 
Canyon City, Colo. Tuesday, 6/22 
Colorado Springs, Colo. *Rest day, Wednesday & Thursday, 6/23-6/24 
Denver, Colo. Friday, 6/25  
Fort Morgan, Colo. Saturday, 6/26 
Wray, Colo. Sunday, 6/27 
McCook, Neb. Monday, 6/28 
Holdrege, Neb. *Rest day, Tuesday & Wednesday, 6/29-6/30 
Sutton, Neb. Thursday, 7/1 
Lincoln, Neb. Friday, 7/2 
Omaha, Neb. Saturday, 7/3 
Atlantic, Iowa Sunday, 7/4 
Des Moines, Iowa *Rest day, Monday & Tuesday, 7/5-7/6 
Iowa City, Iowa Wednesday, 7/7 
Davenport, Iowa Thursday, 7/8 
Rochelle, Ill. Friday, 7/9 
Chicago, Ill. *Rest day, Saturday & Sunday, 7/10-7/11 
Plymouth, Ind. Monday, 7/12 
Fort Wayne, Ind. Tuesday, 7/13 
Lima, Ohio Wednesday, 7/14 
Columbus, Ohio *Rest day, Thursday & Friday, 7/15-7/16 
Dennison, Ohio Saturday, 7/17 
Pittsburgh, Penn. Sunday, 7/18 
Frostburg, Md. Monday, 7/19 
Hagerstown, Md. Tuesday, 7/20 
Washington, D.C. *Rest day, Wednesday & Thursday, 7/21-7/22  
Baltimore, Md. Friday, 7/23 
Philadelphia, Penn. Saturday, 7/24 -  
New York City, NY. Sunday, 7/25 
*Dates are subject to change due to variables and nature of the ride. They are giving themselves a five-day buffer, the latest they plan on arriving is Thursday, 7/30. 
The guys have a group on facebook and are in the process of setting up their twitter account. Join their Facebook Group here.
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