Feb. 25, 2009 Our Life

He's my one and only, but also my second!

He is my one and only, my one true love! David, my husband. He has been by my side for over a decade now and I love him more every single day we are together. He is kind, loving, thoughtful, handsome, and an extremely talented photographer; he is also my second shooter. When I need him either for a wedding, or to capture that unique perspective at a portrait session, he is there by my side.  
It's David, not Dave, and he is the one who nails just about every single shot he takes. I get the shots too, but because he is always off in the distance, not becoming "besties" with the clients, he can truly focus on getting the shot. You shouldn't be intimidated by his size or his deep voice, as he really is the most genuine guy you will meet. And even though he has a tendency to tell it like it really is or should be, you will thank him later.  
I love that I have him by my side throughout this entire photography journey, because without him, I would not be where I am today.  
Below is one of our most favorite images our friend Hanssie took of us back in January. We think it truly exemplifies our love and care for each other and this industry. We will share some more images from this shoot soon, but we wanted to begin with this.  
Have a great Wednesday!
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