Feb. 27, 2010 Children

More Quadruplet Cuteness, Glendora Children's Photographer

Here is the last installment of the silly afternoon I had with the Shahbaz Family! I went over there for a special project for this summer and it was specifically to get some new images of Mr. Jordan, but how could I resist the rest of this awesome family? Phil has a way with the kiddos and makes them go completely crazy as you can see from the image above and below.
My favorite image of Cedar.
The family!
Jonah is a true crack up and thank goodness, he laughs at all of my silly faces and jokes!
My second favorite image of Miss Cedar with her dolly!
Yes, it is true, if you tempt them with treats, they will do tricks!
The pictures below were done in the same chair. The first one, the quads were 9 months old and the one at the bottom, they are 2 years and 11 months!!! Almost 3!!! Wow they have come a long way!
Hula anyone? Silly Kiddos!
Four precious miracles!
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