Feb. 25, 2010 Children

Jordan, Glendora Children's Photographer

Sometimes, we aren't quite sure why God deals us certain cards in life. When the Quadruplets were born, Phil and Amy thought they had been dealt life's final deck of cards. They accepted the lifelong journey of raising premature quadruplets and all of the little struggles that come along with their little lives. Fast forward two and a half years later. Life is great! They were finally on a schedule, they could get out of the house, able to take trips as a family and move on. And then one day in December, God decided that one more card needed to be dealt. That card was Leukemia. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  
Mr. Jordan was sick for a while and there weren't any answers as to why he couldn't recover from the common cold or cough. Until one day, a doctor finally did a blood panel and that is when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. If you have been following my blog, twitter updates and facebook status' you would know that I have been praying diligently for this little guy and have also asked you all to pray. When I was at their home last week, I asked Phil what is the one thing we can pray for. He said, "when Jordan is healed, it won't be a miracle. A miracle is when God makes the impossible possible. It's now possible for Jordan to be healed because of so many kids who died before him, so many parents who suffered, so many people who donated, so many organizations that raised money to find a cure, so many doctors who devoted their lives to researching, all under the umbrella of God's grace. Grace is the key word. We needs God's grace to get through this".
There will be more of the quads over the next few days. Here is a great image of them helping Jordan out with is Picc line that needs to be flushed daily. It was so amazing to see how these kiddos understand how they can help their brother and try their hardest to comprehend Leukemia.
Love this little guy and his dimples!
God Bless You Amy! You are the Mom of the decade!!
One of my favorites! He is such a happy little boy and there are times, you would never know he is fighting the fight of his life!
He and his siblings love the "choo choo's".
And Phil, you are the Dad of the decade! Seriously, I don't think God could have picked two better people to raise these four amazing kiddos!
Please continue to pray for Jordan, as well as Jonah, Jeremiah, Cedar, Amy and Phil. You can receive updates on Jordan by joining the facebook group HERE.
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