Feb. 24, 2010 Whip It Up Wednesday

Whip It Up Wednesday: The Perfect Steak

Who doesn't love a good steak? Both of my parents were from the mid west, so having meat and potatoes was a normal affair growing up. In fact, every single Christmas, we would receive a huge box of Omaha Steaks from my Aunt & Uncle in Nebraska. If some of our vegetarian or vegan friends are reading this, so ahead and scroll down to the next post. I still love you even though you "you don't eat meat? I make lamb!" Ha!  
Many of you reading this have been to our home and have had the opportunity to have one of these awesome steaks, grilled to perfection. We love to eat at home and BBQ whenever we can. We normally make red potatoes with our steak. Yum! 
Lots of people think a steak rub or special season salt will make the steak better. We have news for you! We only use Kosher salt and ground pepper. The steak is then grilled to a nice 135 degrees. Remove from the fire and let it rest for five minutes which will let the meat's internal temperature go to 140 degrees which is medium rare. Make sure you invest in a great meat thermometer for the best results.
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