Jan. 23, 2010 Our Life

Perfect Powder

Yes, it rained for six days straight and we have a little bit of a break until Tuesday of next week. This morning, we woke up to the most gorgeous view of the San Gabriel mountains. It was a chilly 37 degrees, the sun was bright and I ventured out to capture the awesomeness of the snow capped mountains. I drove up to one of my favorite places to shoot and took a little walk to view the snow from different angels. If I had all day to sit in my car and chains to drive in the snow, I would have gone to the top of the mountain with the other thousand of people who had the same idea this morning. I am sure the people who did make it up to the top are enjoying the perfect powder! 
Here is one of the images I took this morning during my travels.
Enjoy your weekend and be sure to enjoy the great outdoors!
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