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Imaging USA Recap, So Cal Portrait Photographer

I have been back from Nashville for a few days now and finally feel like I am caught up on my sleep, email, laundry and life! Whew! Talk about a whirl wind trip to what I thought was the coldest part of the country at one point. If you haven't been keeping up on everything around here, I went to Nashville last week for Imaging USA, a national photography convention and trade show sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America. This was my very first photography convention and trade show and can I just say WOW? I walked away from the entire experience inspired, excited, at ease, and loving what 2010 has in store for me and everyone else around me. I could literally give you hour by hour or day by day details as to what I experienced, but that would entail about 10 different blog posts. So, I will keep it as brief as I can and let all of the pictures below help tell the story. Be sure to go through the gallery at the very bottom of the post as well. I didn't take my "big grown up" camera, so all of these images are from my pretty little pink point n shoot.  
Oh the NAPCP ladies! I had been looking forward to connecting with all of the incredible woman who are a part of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers for the last 6 months. Alice Park has created an amazing community where photographers can share, learn and grow in this industry. You can read this post for more about NAPCP. I was really bummed that my roommate Whitney didn't make it due to some traveling conflicts, but we have promised to meet soon. My life has been changed because of the women in the picture below. Their kind and tender hearts, passion for photography and true love for life gave me permission to reach for the stars.  
L to R, F to B: Alice Park, Me, Magan Blasig, Mandy Johnson, Sara Harris, Lisa Thomas.
Me and Troy Widner, the master mind behind PickPic aka the Tira J Boutique! I spent a lot of time at the WHCC / PickPic booth while at the tradeshow. And when I came home, I told David that we have definitely made the right decision with the vendors we are using for our business. Troy and Rebecca are making some major changes to PickPic over the next few months and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to see it all first hand. I like to definitely test the waters before I spend an arm and a leg on something and I know that all of our future clients will love the new interface coming soon. If you are a photographer reading this and you aren't using PickPic for your online proofing and shopping cart, you should look into it and let me know if you have any questions. One of the best investments I made last year for my business right along side with this awesome blogsite.
Of course, look who was also in Nashville! My friend [b]ecker! We had a blast hanging out at different functions from start to finish! I really felt like I was at home because of all of the Southern California photographers / friends I got to see. I also had the opportunity to meet Andy Marcus from New York who is incredible. I had the opportunity to talk to him and I sincerely hope that I get talk to him again in Vegas at WPPI. One of my dreams is to shoot a wedding or portrait session with he and/or his son in New York.
Um, do you know who Tamara Lackey is? She is an amazing Children's photographer from North Carolina and has had the opportunity to photograph President Obama, families for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Ty Pennington and so many others. The NAPCP ladies and I went to hear her speak and it was literally standing room only. She has written an awesome book on children's portraiture and just released a new DVD, which I plan to watch this coming weekend. Tamara and her wonderful assistant Lisa Walter were so kind and generous to all of us that evening after the event.
[b]ecker had the opportunity to speak at the WHCC and had asked me to take some pics of him. I really felt like the paparazzi because I was operating two cameras and trying to pay attention. He did such a great job. Hopefully he will put his notes or do a 10x10x10 video on that presentation for the [b]school. Hint Hint!
Ahh bowling! I got Bowled over at the ShootQ party on Sunday night! We had such a blast! Still not sure what team won. All I know is that it was so much fun hanging out with new friends!
Enjoy the gallery below and be patient while it loads. There are a lot of pictures, which I am sure does not surprise you. You will see some of the other friends I got to see in Nashville like David Jay, Dane Sanders, Katie VanBuren, Keats Elliot, The Boudoir Divas (great bowlers by the way), and so many more.
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