Dec. 25, 2009 Our Life

Merry Christmas

We hope each of you have a very special Christmas this year and take the time to treasure every moment you have with your family and those close to your heart. As I do my best to be on the computer for a limited amount of time for the next few days, I am thinking about some of the special Christmas' I had growing up when my Dad was still around and then after he passed away.  
Our Christmas tradition is to celebrate Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve. Last night we ate a meal at my Mom's house, attended a Christmas Eve service and then came home to open the gifts that have been placed under the tree while eating some delectable goodies made by my Mom. And while we are at church, Santa pays a visit! My friend April just shared with her boys the truth about Santa and I think I was about the same age when I figured out who that man with the white beard and the red velvet suit really was. This year, we are not giving and receiving as many gifts, as I think what is most important is spending quality time with family. Life is too short to let it pass by. Today, on Christmas Day, my will come to our house and we continue to eat more good food, enjoy each others company and play some games.  
What are some of your Christmas traditions?  
The image above was taken by our friend [b]ecker  
Merry Christmas! Love, Tira J, and David. We can't forget Tink & Buzz! They have been busy trying to remove the tree skirt from the tree and Tink has been drinking the water!
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